Documentation of Storyland by Nanette Wylde.
Short narratives in English. Electronic flipbook.

Publication and technical history

Software: Created in Javascript (v.1 2000) and Flash (v.2 2004).
Web version and Stand alone players published on CD: Mac (Rosetta) & PC.

Storyland is a randomly created narrative which plays with social stereotypes and elements of popular culture. Each paragraph is constructed from a pool of possibilites, allowing each reader a unique story. The reader presses the "New story" button, and a story is created for that moment in time. It is rare that any two stories would be identical.

Storyland exposes its narrative formula, thus mirroring aspects of contemporary cultural production: sampling, appropriation, hybrids, stock content, design templates. It risks discontinuity and the ridiculous providing opportunities for contemplation beyond the entertainment factor.

Circus tune audio which plays with animation title

Video screen capture example of Storyland.

Link to Storyland v1. This is the Javascript version.

Link to Storyland v2 script from the Flash version.